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We offer a variety of services to help you reach your optimal health. We take a holistic approach and focus on the root cause of your health issues, rather than just focusing on the symptoms.
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Who We Are

We provide medically supervised diet plans, hormone replacement therapy, wellness plans, and nutrient testing. Call today to schedule your free consulation to see how we can help you be you, simply better.

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We treat the cause, not the symptoms

Instead of addressing just your symptoms, we focus on the root cause of your health issues.

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Personalized Approach

Rather than treating you like every other patient that walks through the door, we treat you based on your symptoms and medical history.

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High Quality

We provide high quality supplements and treatments. We only work with pharmaceutical grade suppliers to ensure our nutraceuticals meet our standards.

Featured Services

HCG Weightloss

It's time to get serious about your weightloss. Whether you're trying to lose the 15 pounds that snuck up on you or the 75+ that have slowly been accumulating over the last decade. 

Hormone Replacement Therapy

As men and women enter their forties and fifties, declining hormones may begin to affect mood, weight and sex drive. New Wellness provides hormone therapy tailored to your individual body chemistry.

Wellness Plans

Because of multiple variables, many of us may not be getting the adequate nutrients we need to live optimally. We use blood tests to identify specific deficiencies. Through supplementation and diet suggestions, we work with you to try to get those levels normalized.

What Our Costumers say

"I’ve lost 78 pounds in three cycles. I’ve very happy with the results. It has given me back my life. I’m more involved in my life, and my confidence is higher.”

Melissa R.

“I’ve done it twice and I lost a total of 53 pounds. It’s such an easy method of losing weight. I feel better about myself overall, and you look better. It makes you automatically feel better. I would definitely, 100% recommend it to other people.”

Sherri N.

I’ve had exceptional results – I lost 30 pounds! It’s pretty awesome. You’re walking with your chin a little higher, especially when you’re getting the compliments.

Lanette M.

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